Strategy Mapping Software


Strategy Mapping Software

Strategy Mapping, as a process, is a remarkable strategic tool. You can use it to delegate and prioritise goals, set and track targets, and aggregate performance up to meaningful KPIs.

Our unique web-based tool, developed in-house for us to use ourselves with clients, turns your strategy into an interactive, shareable, manageable process, designed to:

  • Make your strategy more purposeful and systematic
  • Ensure your goals are aligned and strategic actions delegated
  • Effectively measure your progress
  • Deliver strategic success.

Watch our introductory video on Strategy Mapping:

Watch the video then give it a go with post-it notes. You will quickly out-grow a paper-based exercise, and realise you want to do more and more with Strategy Mapping as a process – that’s where our software comes in!

Strategy Operating System

Amplify the impact of your strategy by combining our:

Our full strategy transformation program combines all our individual services into a bespoke, fully integrated, collaborative workplan suited to your strategic aspirations and current capabilities.

It includes a bespoke workshop curriculum for your staff, sprints led by our strategy experts and is underpinned by access to our strategy mapping software.

Combining audits, workshops, strategy mapping and the entire Goal Atlas suite of frameworks, tools and methods to meet your specific strategy needs at any stage in the strategy lifecycle.

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Thought Leadership

Author of 'The Strategy Manual', Goal Atlas founder and Director, Mike Baxter, is a renowned strategy expert, keynote speaker and thought leader. He publishes regular articles on all aspects of strategy and strategic planning and frequently shares his ideas and expertise via the Strategy Distilled newsletter, LinkedIn, Twitter and other invited presentations.

Strategic Risk Model

Free: Models and Templates

We believe strategy is for everyone. To help you DO strategy rather than just think about it, our models, frameworks and templates from 'The Strategy Manual' are released here under Creative Commons License. This means they are free for you to use in your presentations and strategy documentation. Sign up to hear when new models are released.

Mike Baxter's Book: 'The Strategy Manual'

'The Strategy Manual: A step-by-step guide to the transformational change of anything' draws on Mike's many years of expertise to deliver a practical handbook for anyone interested in the creation, management or governance of strategy. On sale now.

"Best management book I've read all year." Clo Willaerts

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