How we work

We provide a full range of consultancy, tools and support services to help businesses hit targets and implement transformational change across their organisation.

Audits benchmarking

Our strategy research and readiness services range from product and competitor reviews to internal capability audits.

We also offer quick win benchmarking.

Strategy, frameworks

Our strategy development and validation services range from strategy framework building to stress testing alternative strategy options.

We also offer strategy validation workshops.

Teams, dashboards

Our strategy deployment and adoption services range from delegation and KPI mapping to internal communication and process development.

We also offer planning workshops for strategy deployment.

We have worked extensively with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies globally.  Helping them with audits and benchmarking, strategy development and frameworks, teams and measurement, across a range of levels within the organisation and including projects on the following areas of focus;

Digital transformation




Customer service

Communications and PR

Multi-channel optimisation

Acquisition, conversion, retention

Technology reviews

Measuring roi of training

Data strategy

Content strategy

Measurement planning

Planning and optimising split testing

Product analysis

Competitor benchmarking

Prioritisation frameworks

Insourcing vs. outsourcing

Organisational design

Customer journey mapping

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“59% of executives state their organisations often struggle to bridge the gap between strategy development and its practical, day-to-day implementation.”   Economist Intelligence Unit and Brightline