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Designed to work across the entire strategy lifecycle, our services are built upon specialist strategy expertise, the latest frameworks, models and tools, all backed up with 10,000+ hours of consultancy experience with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Strategy Workshops

Upskill your front-line teams, managers, senior leaders or board members to ensure they are both effective and impactful in their work on strategy.

Fast-track, Masterclass and Bespoke courses to meet different professional needs, all designed for online delivery and all delivered by strategy expert Mike Baxter.

Mike Baxter is also available for coaching, mentoring and keynote speaking. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Online* Fast-track

Get up to speed on the practicalities of strategy success before your next big strategy initiative.

  • Rapidly boost your strategy knowledge and skills.
  • Participatory learning that is both engaging and effective.
  • Designed for online delivery in a day – 3 x 90 minute sessions, facilitated by Mike Baxter.
  • Small group sizes – maximum of 12 participants.
  • Prices from £375 per person (+VAT).
Online* Masterclass

Train to become a specialist practitioner with the confidence and knowledge to apply key skills directly to your in-house strategy.

  • Immersive courses, each focusing on key strategic areas, offering in-depth analysis and practical application of learning.
  • Expert coaching from Mike Baxter with a mix of taught sessions and self-directed learning.
  • 4 hours/week for 6 weeks (maximum 6 particpants).
  • Prices from £1,900 per person (+VAT).
Bespoke Training

Expert training, customised to meet the strategy needs of your organisation. We will design a stand-alone learning curriculum or integrate with your existing training providers.

  • Reliable and experienced partner delivering best-practice strategy frameworks and tools.
  • Customised online* courses and workshops for individuals and/or teams.
  • Also experienced at devising competency frameworks with progression ladders to underpin training programmes.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. POA

Your choice of courses

Choose from workshops on the following key strategic capabilities:

Strategy Fundamentals; Strategy Scoping; Strategy Development and Alignment; Strategy Validation; Strategic Planning and Measurement; Strategy Adoption; Strategic Agility and Resilience; Strategy Governance…

or contact us to discuss your needs.

*Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are currently offering all our workshops online. We will be adding in-house and face-to-face training delivery as soon as we, and you, are able.

Strategy Sprints

Sometimes you just need help with some aspect of strategy. You may not have the capacity, you may not have experienced a particular strategic challenge or you may just need fresh eyes to find that path to strategy success that’s been eluding you.

That’s when a Strategy Sprint can help get you to help you overcome a specific strategy challenge:

  • Expert, professional advice
  • Intensive, time-limited projects
  • Hands-on support (virtual for now)
Challenges you may need help with:

› Strategy development

› Strategy alignment

› Strategy measurement

› Strategic agility

› Strategy adoption

Strategy sprints work well when preceded by a workshop (virtual at present) to explore the challenge you are tackling and how you define success.

Our latest Strategy Sprint service…

Strategy Sharpener

Current challenges may not have changed the sort of organisation you aspire to be. You do, however, need to sharpen the focus of your strategic planning. You need to re-prioritise. You need to work out how to get through the mountain of work necessary to be well prepared for the future.

Our Strategy Sharpener service:

  • Provides expert, systematic, evidence-based synthesis of your current situation
  • Facilitates rapid, intensive, solution-scoping
  • Coordinates a compressed, lean, strategic planning cycle for the forthcoming six months.

Strategy Mapping Software

Strategy Mapping, as a process, is a remarkable strategic tool. You can use it to delegate and prioritise goals, set and track targets, and aggregate performance up to meaningful KPIs.

Our unique web-based tool, developed in-house for us to use ourselves with clients, turns your strategy into an interactive, shareable, manageable process, designed to:

  • Make your strategy more purposeful and systematic
  • Ensure your goals are aligned and strategic actions delegated
  • Effectively measure your progress
  • Deliver strategic success.

Watch our introductory video on Strategy Mapping:

Watch the video then give it a go with post-it notes. You will quickly out-grow a paper-based exercise, and realise you want to do more and more with Strategy Mapping as a process – that’s where our software comes in!

'Turning Strategy into a Manageable Process with Strategy Mapping'.

To delve deeper, you can also read our article on ‘Turning Strategy into a Manageable Process with Strategy Mapping’.

Strategy Operating System

Amplify the impact of your strategy by combining our:

  • Strategy Workshops
  • Strategy Mapping software
  • Strategy Sprints

Our full strategy transformation program combines all our individual services into a bespoke, fully integrated, collaborative workplan suited to your strategic aspirations and current capabilities.

It includes a full upskilling curriculum for your staff, sprints led by our strategy experts and is underpinned by access to our strategy mapping software.

Combining audits, workshops, strategy mapping and the entire Goal Atlas suite of frameworks, tools and methods to meet your specific strategy needs at any stage in the strategy lifecycle.

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Thought Leadership

Author of 'The Strategy Manual', Goal Atlas founder and Director, Mike Baxter, is a renowned strategy expert and thought leader. He regularly shares his thoughts and expertise via LinkedIn and other invited presentations, and publishes regular articles on all aspects of strategy and strategic planning.

Goal Atlas Events & Keynotes

Mike Baxter is an accomplished presenter and keynote speaker, and has run workshops and webinars offering insights into all aspects of strategy and strategic planning. Listen to recordings of some of our previous strategy webinars, sign up for our latest events, or contact us to discuss opportunties for Mike to speak or run a workshop at your event.

New Book: The Strategy Manual

Goal Atlas is excited to announce that Mike Baxter's new book, 'The Strategy Manual: A step-by-step guide to the transformational change of anything', is now published and available to buy from Amazon.

"Best management book I've read all year." Clo Willaerts

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