Our services

We offer a range of services to meet the needs of individuals and teams responsible for strategy design, delivery and adoption.

Full-service strategy facilitation

Our unique offering blends thought-leadership and on-going mentoring with software, tools and resources. This enables your team to retain ownership of the strategy management process, whilst practising good strategy design across the whole strategy lifecycle.

Strategy mapping software, tools and resources

Our strategy mapping software provides a systematic, transparent way to manage and measure your strategy throughout its entire strategy lifecycle, whilst maintaining good strategy design. We offer three levels of software access and support:

  1. Self-drive‘ access to our mapping software.
  2. Pre-configuration of strategy maps, tools and resources to suit your specific needs and circumstances.
  3. Fully-supported development and implementation of strategy maps, tools and resources, in partnership with your in-house teams.

Strategy training, coaching and mentoring

Bespoke training, coaching and mentoring to enhance your in-house strategy capability at all stages of the strategy lifecycle.

  1. Keynotes and presentations: from keynote presentations, open to the entire organisation, to one-hour thought leadership sessions for governors.
  2. Training: bespoke strategy training sessions delivered to your teams.
  3. Strategy clinics and workshops: from hands-on half-day strategy-scoping clinics to 3-day immersive strategy design and mapping workshops.

Strategy audits and research

Deep-dive analyses of specific aspects of strategy, or of the overall performance of a strategy. We gather and analyse data on customers, stakeholders, competitors and other market forces to identify strategy insights and deliver best-practice recommendations. A thorough and independent service to review and benchmark the status or progress of your strategy.