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Goal Atlas’s services facilitate your in-house management of strategy
across the entire strategy lifecycle

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Strategy Scoping

A highly structured and efficient way to ‘cut through the noise’ in this complex yet critical preparation phase of strategy development. Strategy scoping gives direction and focus to the forthcoming strategy, then specifies and guides the programme of work needed to complete strategy development. Learn more about strategy scoping.

Strategy Training Courses

Bespoke strategy training sessions delivered to your leaders and your teams. From fast-track sessions on strategy best-practice to deep-dive sessions on strategy governance, data modelling for strategy development, aligning strategy and planning, strategy mapping and strategy measurement.

Strategy Workshops and Clinics

Workshops and clinics are where we get our sleeves rolled up and help you move your strategy to the next phase of its lifecycle. Wherever your strategy is and whatever you are struggling with, talk to us to find out how we might be able to help. Practical, hands-on and output focused, these range from one-day clinics to multi-day strategy design workshops.  See, for example, our Strategy Distinctiveness Workshop.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our capability-development services are usually longer term engagements and usually one-to-one with key individuals responsible for strategy (although not always!). They are tailored to your individual needs and experience.

Strategy Audits and Research

A strategy audit provides an independent, best-practice, evidence-based evaluation of your strategy at any stage in the strategy lifecycle (just written, half-way through, nearing its end-date). See strategy audit in detail.

Our strategy research covers in-house consultation (senior managers, staff, suppliers), market research (surveys, competitor analysis, customer journey mapping) and data analysis (audience segmentation, data modelling, projections and forecasting).

Strategy Mapping Software

Our bespoke software tool helps you both build / validate your strategy map and then deploy / measure its impact across your organisation. Contact us for a demo or watch a video to find out more about strategy mapping.

All our services cover strategies and sub-strategies across your organisation