Strategy Services

Supporting your strategy to drive performance, shape culture and deliver impact.

Great strategies don’t just happen…

…the processes that are used to build, develop and connect strategic goals can be continuously optimised so that strategy drives performance, shapes culture and delivers impact.

Goal Atlas brings rigour, fresh perspectives and best-practice to your strategy processes to help you…

… develop strategy better and faster.
… secure more commitment to strategic goals.
… make strategy more evidence-based and measurable.
… increase the chance of strategic success.
… maximise your strategic legacy.

You will find us a trustworthy and experienced partner, offering professional advice and hands-on support, facilitation and workshops. We work across sectors, including technology, higher education, finance and pharma.

Strategy Support

Based on your circumstances, aspirations and needs, we will design a programme of support for…

…any stage of the strategy lifecycle, such as:

  • Strategy production – where the strategy is scoped and developed;
  • Strategy adoption – where engagement and commitment is secured and the strategic plan signed-off;
  • Strategy adaptation – where KPIs are tracked and plans adjusted.

…any type of strategy:

  • Organisational – at group or business unit level;
  • Functional – e.g. marketing, research, operations, product or digital transformation.

We also support strategy governance, strategy consultation and strategy audits.

Strategy Facilitation

We enable your in-house professionals to become the expert managers of your strategic processes by offering…

  • Frameworks, tools, processes and templates to adapt to your own needs and formats;
  • Just-in time, self-paced learning resources for specific strategy tasks;
  • Face-to-face or live online training around critical events in the strategy lifecycle;
  • Facilitated workshops for key strategy decisions;
  • One-to-one coaching for key strategy leaders.

We also facilitate board and executive-level discussions at meetings, conferences and events, and run corporate webinars offering insights into all aspects of strategy and strategic planning.

Contact us to discuss opportunities for Mike to facilitate a strategy meeting, speak at an event or run a workshop for your organisation.

Strategy Workshops

Strategy workshops can be one of the best ways to secure engagement and commitment from a group, whether they are the leadership team or front-line managers key to strategic change. Our specialist workshop facilitation, led by Mike Baxter, can be combined with pre-workshop strategy analysis to provide the independent perspective often needed for breakthroughs on strategic issues.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Strategy scoping and development.
  • Alignment within and across strategies.
  • Strategy measurement and impact.
  • Strategic agility and risk management.
  • Strategic planning and management of change.
  • Securing strategy adoption.
  • Strategy governance.

“The work with Goal Atlas in developing and deploying the digital strategy map has resulted in a significant number of benefits to the team."

Decision making has become far more clear and structured. Teams are now focussed on delivery and have developed a ‘strategy lifecycle’ mindset where we are refining and fine tuning as we go. Team members now clearly have an understanding of how their tasks relate to strategic goals, creating greater engagement with, and adoption of, the strategy. It has made the personal development review process more frequent (and agile), much easier and more valuable. I have been able to communicate objectives to wider teams thus providing greater transparency with peers.

Plus Goal Atlas’s experience and expertise were extensive and invaluable, they were very organised and easy to work with!”

– Kenon Mann, Head of Digital Marketing and Creative Services, Swansea University

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