Core Values

… and how they underpin strategy and organisational culture

Mike Baxter’s latest book, ‘Core Values‘, is a short, highly accessible and practical guide for anyone interested in making core values impactful for an organisation. In a turbulent and fast changing world, core values can provide the anchorage needed to empower leadership and to ensure employee engagement, participative governance and purposeful work.

To make a difference with core values is, however, no quick win, as research, discussed in this book, has shown. To have any significant impact, core values need to affect the lived experience of people both inside and outside the organisation. This book sets out to enable leaders to:

  • Think more deeply and more systematically about core values;
  • Discuss core values more meaningfully and perceptively;
  • Decide on core values more rigorously;
  • Present and apply core values more impactfully.

The aim of the book is to have core values feature more prominently and more usefully in the life of your organisation. By doing so, core values can provide a robust foundation for impactful strategy and strong organisational culture.

"Essential reading for any organisation that’s reviewing its vision statement."

Amazon 5* review

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