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Established by Mike Baxter in 2014, Goal Atlas is an independent strategy consultancy offering unbiased guidance and advice to leaders and teams in all sectors, including technology, higher education, finance and pharma.

Mike Baxter

Mike Baxter, Founder & Director

Mike Baxter has been awarded a PhD in Science, a personal Professorship and Chartered Designer status. He has been a government advisor, product designer, higher education leader, web entrepreneur, research scientist, author, keynote speaker, business thought-leader and company director.

An independent business consultant since 2001, Mike has worked for some of the world’s biggest brands (e.g. Cisco, Google, HSBC, Lilly, Skype, Sony PlayStation) and has been an advisor to some of London’s fastest growing tech start-ups and to leading UK universities.

Mike has published three books on strategy (‘The Strategy Manual‘, ‘Core Values’ and ‘University Strategy 2020‘) and writes a regular monthly strategy newsletter (‘Strategy Distilled’).

Our consultancy services are supported by our bespoke strategy mapping software, models and frameworks, developed by Mike from his 10,000+ hours of front-line consultancy for some of the world’s leading brands:

We believe we are unique in the breadth and depth of our work in driving innovation and performance across the strategy lifecycle from preparation and production to adoption, measurement and governance. You will find us a trustworthy and experienced partner, offering a range of services to ensure your strategy is evidence-based, systematically aligned and a driver of real change.

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