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There are three fundamental challenges at the heart of any strategy:

  1. How to creatively imagine the best possible future for your organisation;
  2. How to translate that imagined future into a series of coordinated actions by a multitude of different individuals striving to bring that future into being;
  3. How to measure progress towards that future that will enable adjustments to be made to negotiate unforeseen circumstances along the way.

The Strategy Lifecycle

Correspondingly, there are three main stages in your strategy’s lifecycle, responding to those challenges.

Produce: The first stage is strategy production and this involves the scoping, development and validation of your new strategy, making it ready for adoption.

Adopt: The second stage gets your new strategy adopted across the organisation. This is what turns strategy into action, as front-line teams take ownership of the goals that, together, will lead to your strategic success.

Adapt: The third stage adapts these actions to take account of changing circumstances and the discovery of new methods of achieving your strategic success.

Goal Atlas helps you amplify the impact of your strategy
at every stage of its strategy lifecycle

To be fit-for-purpose across the entire lifecycle, your strategy needs to be particularly rigorous.

Goal Atlas has two unique tools to make your strategy rigorous and fit-for-purpose:

1. Strategy Mapping makes strategy rigorous by connecting together high-level strategic goals and key tactical activities in a logic diagram. We’ve described strategy mapping as the best kept secret in strategy!  It’s an amazingly powerful process that distills your strategy down to key goals, which are then drilled-down to key activities. It provides a single strategic framework to drive your strategy through development, implementation and measurement, bridging the gap between strategy and planning.

2. Our Strategy Design Framework identifes the eight elements that need to be designed into your strategy if it going to be fit-for-purpose. It has been developed from 10,000+ hours of business consultancy with some of the world’s leading brands and is embedded in our proprietary strategy mapping software.

Strategy Design Framework

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What do we mean when we say we are specialist strategy facilitators?

We work across several industry sectors, including financial services, pharma/healthcare and retail and have been working a lot recently with the university sector (how we work with universities) – read our report analysing university strategies (University Strategy 2020: Analysis and benchmarking of the strategies of UK Universities).