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CEOs, C-Suite, Board
Head of Digital Transformation
Head of Marketing / Sales
Head of HR / L&D
  • Strategy drilled-down to execution plans
  • Specific goals for everyone, with targets that ladder up to strategic success
  • Pre-populated goal map components to rapidly embed best practice processes
CEOs, C-Suite, Board
Goal Atlas solution
  • Strategy validated for internal consistency and missed opportunities
  • Strategy drilled-down to execution plans
  • Targets set and tracked for all staff, using a target-library pre-configured to align with strategic goals
  • Targets aggregated up from marginal gains to Key Performance Indicators
"On average, companies deliver only 63% of the financial performance their strategies promise"    HBR 2005
Head of Digital Transformation
Goal Atlas solution
  • Single aggregated measure of transformation velocity
  • Change entrenched habits & beliefs by exposing the ‘illusion of explanatpry depth’
  • Rapidly embed best practice processes with pre-populated goal map components
  • Learning resources, policy documents and process tools attached directly to the goals delegated to individuals
"70% of all transformative change programs fail to achieve their target impact"    McKinsey 2013
Head of Marketing / Sales
Goal Atlas solution
  • Complex, hard-to-achieve objectives broken down into clear, precise and accountable goals
  • Clarity of ‘purpose’ for every member of the team – their own goals connect directly to the organisation’s highest strategic objectives
  • Set and track key targets (e.g. sales revenue) and then drill down to all the contributory factors that need to remain on-track if that key target is to be achieved
  • Goal-specific micro-learning provides best-practice processes, top tips, latest advice and key insights for immediate application
"Projects and programmes are 50% more successful when aligned with strategy"    Project Management Institute 2014
Head of HR L&D
Goal Atlas solution
  • Specific goals for everyone, with targets that ladder up to strategic success
  • Goal-specific learning resources, updated with best-practice
  • Community tools to support, advise, congratulate and nudge people about their goals
  • Single aggregated measure of employee engagement
"Companies with the most engaged employees have a 22% increase in profitability "    Gallup 2013
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Software platform

Create, align and validate business goals
Empower ownership of goals
Measure, monitor and manage goal targets

Expert knowledge

Pre-populated, best-practice goal maps
Goal-specific learning resources
Community tools to build in-house knowledge

Full range of digital transformation consultancy services to develop, refine and deploy your goal map (based on 10,000+ hours experience!)

Strategy review, validation and acceleration services

Pre-populated best-practice goal map components

Client-specific KPI libraries

Maturity, capability and skills audits

Community tools to build and share in-house knowledge

Bespoke dashboards to meet the needs of senior managers, team leaders and HR

API integrations

Security levels to suit client needs

The Goal Atlas team

We help you align business goals, drive performance and change the company culture through providing a sophisticated goal achievement platform and expert knowledge to facilitate success

Enabling strategy implementation across organisations or teams, providing empowerment and ownership

Continuous measurement, monitoring, management and reporting of performance against metrics

Connect strategy with execution and with performance management

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