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Align goals

Connect and align your goals, all the way from strategic to tactical using the logic of Goal Atlas’s goal mapping

Drive performance

Visible and accountable performance that ladders marginal gains up to strategic success

Change culture

Detailed and proven working practices to challenge the most entrenched habits and beliefs

Who we help ...

CEOs, C-Suite, Board
Head of Digital Transformation
Head of Marketing / Sales / Digital
Head of HR / L&D

... and how

Targets ladder-up to strategic success
Strategy drilled-down to operations
Clear, unambiguous goals for each team member
Goal-specific learning resources and best-practice advice

Goal Atlas software on desktop, tablet and mobile

Software platform

Create, align and validate business goals
Empower ownership of goals
Measure, monitor and manage goal targets

Expert knowledge

Pre-populated, best-practice goal maps
Goal-specific learning resources
Community tools to build in-house knowledge

The Goal Atlas team

Mike Baxter photo

Mike Baxter

Product and content lead

Sara Edwards photo

Sara Edwards

Client lead

Matt Mcdonald photo

Matt McDonald

Technology lead

We offer a full range of digital transformation consultancy services to develop, refine and deploy your goal map

(based on 10,000+ hours experience)