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Latest Book: Core Values

A short, highly accessible and practical guide to making core values impactful.

Mike Baxter’s latest book aims to have core values feature more prominently and more usefully in the life of your organisation, leading to impactful strategy and strong organisational culture. Learn more…

Strategy Support Services

Hands-on support from strategy expert, Mike Baxter, for any aspect of strategy:

  • Strategy scoping and development
  • Alignment within and across strategies
  • Strategy measurement and impact
  • Strategic agility and risk management
  • Strategy adoption
  • Strategy governance

The Strategy Manual

A step-by-step guide to the transformational change of anything

Mike Baxter draws on his many years of expertise and thought leadership to deliver an accessible, practical handbook for anyone interested in the creation, management or governance of strategy. Learn more…

Established in 2014, Goal Atlas’s expertise and software are underpinned by 10,000+ hours of front-line consultancy for some of the world’s leading brands:

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Strategic Risk Model

Free: Models and Templates

We believe strategy is for everyone. To help you DO strategy rather than just think about it, our models, frameworks and templates from 'The Strategy Manual' are released here under Creative Commons License. This means they are free for you to use in your presentations and strategy documentation. Sign up to hear when new models are released.

Goal Atlas Events & Keynotes

Mike Baxter is an accomplished presenter and keynote speaker, and has run workshops and webinars offering insights into all aspects of strategy and strategic planning. Listen to recordings of some of our previous strategy webinars, sign up for our latest events, or contact us to discuss opportunties for Mike to speak or run a workshop at your event.

Thought Leadership

Author of 'The Strategy Manual' and 'Core Values', Goal Atlas founder and Director, Mike Baxter, is a renowned strategy expert, keynote speaker and thought leader. He publishes regular articles on all aspects of strategy and strategic planning and frequently shares his ideas and expertise via the Strategy Distilled newsletter, LinkedIn and other invited presentations.

"The work with Goal Atlas immediately accelerated the deployment of our new strategy and created transparency, clarity and alignment across teams"

- John Pearce, ICAEW

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