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Thought Leadership

Author of 'The Strategy Manual', Goal Atlas founder and Director, Mike Baxter, is a renowned strategy expert, keynote speaker and thought leader. He frequently shares his ideas and expertise via LinkedIn and other invited presentations, and publishes regular articles on all aspects of strategy and strategic planning.

Free: Models and Templates

We believe strategy is for everyone. To help you DO strategy rather than just think about it, all of our models, frameworks and templates in 'The Strategy Manual' will be released under Creative Commons License. This means they are free for you to use in your presentations and strategy documentation. Sign up to now to receive the first of these models and to hear when new models are released.

Goal Atlas Events & Keynotes

Mike Baxter is an accomplished presenter and keynote speaker, and has run workshops and webinars offering insights into all aspects of strategy and strategic planning. Listen to recordings of some of our previous strategy webinars, sign up for our latest events, or contact us to discuss opportunties for Mike to speak or run a workshop at your event.