Core Values

Mike Baxter’s new book (‘Core Values… and how they underpin strategy & organisational culture‘) sets out to enable leaders to think more deeply & systematically about core values; discuss them more meaningfully & perceptively; decide on them more rigorously; present & apply them more impactfully. Buy now.

The Strategy Manual

“Best management book I’ve read all year.” The Strategy Manual offers a step-by-step guide to the transformational change of anything. It is a wholly unique, practical handbook for anyone with an interest in the creation, management or governance of strategy. Buy now.

University Strategy 2020

Based on an analysis of the published strategies of 52 UK universities and interviews with 28 university leaders, this report combines evidence-based strategy research with recommendations on best-practice strategy design. Available on Amazon.

Information, research & events

Strategy Distilled Newsletter

Mike Baxter is a recognised authority on all aspects of strategy. With a rich and varied background as a psychologist, academic, designer, expert consultant, business advisor and company director, his monthly newsletters on strategy are both insightful and informative. Sign up to receive Strategy Distilled directly to your inbox.

Events & Webinars

Find details of all forthcoming events, conference presentations and workshops and watch recordings of past events, including Mike’s series of strategy webinars on topics such as strategic KPIs, strategy adoption and why strategies fail.

University Strategy 2030 Research

Following on from the success of his University Strategy 2020 benchmarking report, Mike Baxter is currently researching thought-leading ideas on the future of strategy for UK universities through discussions with university strategy leaders and the analysis of published university strategies.

LinkedIn Posts

Author of ‘The Strategy Manual’, Goal Atlas founder and Director, Mike Baxter, is a renowned strategy expert, keynote speaker and thought leader. He frequently shares his ideas and expertise via posts and articles on LinkedIn.

Strategy tools & process

Strategic Risk Model

Strategy Models, Frameworks & Templates

To help you DO strategy rather than just think about it, the strategy models, frameworks and templates from The Strategy Manual are available here for you to freely use in your own presentations, strategy documentation and day-to-day strategy work.

Strategy Mapping

A strategy map is an interconnected cascade of goals, linked together using why-how logic. It systematically connects the strategic aspirations of senior leadership to the enabling actions of front-line teams. Strategy mapping ensures goals and KPIs are aligned, secures effective strategy governance and paves the way to strategic innovation and risk management.

Strategy Workshops

Our bespoke Strategy Workshops, facilitated by Mike Baxter, enable you, and those in your organisation, to develop and apply a confident mastery of strategy. Our workshops cover a comprehensive range of strategy topics, tailored to your needs, and can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Strategy Healthcheck

Strategy Healthcheck helps you frame your strategic thinking, prioritise actions to improve your strategy and gives you practical, best-practice guidance on six key aspects of strategy in your organisation. Get a snapshot of how your strategy is performing in under 20 minutes.

Strategy Glossary

Key terms in strategy and what they mean. Originally produced as a final section of The Strategy Manual, it now sets out to be a knowledge-base of latest thinking on strategy-related terms and concepts

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