Goal Atlas Webinar Series

Why Strategies Fail

Are you confusing targets with KPIs?


In this webinar, Mike distils his many years of working on KPIs (with dozens of companies across multiple different sectors) to provide you with an understanding of the key research around strategic objectives, and a practical step-by-step process for devising, validating and governing strategic KPIs.

This follows our previous webinar on “KPIs to give your strategy superpowers” by drilling down into the practicalities of the KPI management process.

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About the Webinar

This webinar was presented by Mike Baxter on 02 April 2020.

Research reveals that around half of all strategic objectives aren’t achieved. Whilst there are many reasons for this, an important one is that you don’t have the right KPIs guiding you to strategic success. In this webinar, we begin by explaining how most leaders, and indeed most published strategies get KPIs wrong. They think targets and KPIs are the same. They’re not! And making this mistake, in our view, goes a long way to explaining why so many strategic objectives fail to be achieved.

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