Goal Atlas Webinar Series

Strategic Agility

What lessons can we learn from the past few weeks?

About the Webinar

This webinar was presented by Mike Baxter on 07 April 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The webinar was for a registered audience from the universities sector, and is therefore not available for replay without invitation.

“What happens to strategy at a time of major disruption? How can strategy help you cope better over the next weeks and months?

What strategic lessons should you learn from our current situation? Is now the time for everyone to write a new strategy?”

In this webinar Mike Baxter summarised the tools and frameworks he has been using over the past several years to help clients make their strategies more agile, and explored how they might help in these unprecedented times.

Mike was joined by the following university leaders to hear how they had been implementing strategic agility over the past few weeks:
– Matt Atkin (Director of Planning, The University of Manchester)
– Anita Ogilvie (Executive Manager, Edinburgh Napier University)
– John Pritchard (Director of Strategic Planning, Durham University)
– Alistair Sambell (Deputy Vice Chancellor, Edinburgh Napier University)
– Gideon White (Director of Strategy, University of East London)


Matt Atkin

Director of Planning, The University of Manchester

John Pritchard

Director of Strategic Planning, Durham University

Mike Baxter

Director, Goal Atlas Ltd

Alistair Sambell

Senior Vice Principal and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Edinburgh Napier University

Anita Ogilvie

Executive Manager (Strategy), Edinburgh Napier University

Gideon White

Director of Strategy, University of East London

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