Strategy Facilitation

We call ourselves ‘strategy facilitators’ because of our deep commitment to your ownership of your strategy. It needs to be owned and championed by your leadership, adopted by your front-line teams and welcomed by your shareholders, your suppliers and your customers.

A key part of our facilitation services is sharing best practice. Having worked on strategy for many years, and with many different organisations, we’ve learned lots of lessons the hard way and can help you avoid doing the same. We’ve also developed and refined a range of strategic tools and processes that we are happy to share.

We feel, however, that strategy facilitation can go a lot deeper than that. We believe there are ways of thinking about strategy that make it:

  1. more succinct, more structured and more visual … and hence easier to explain
  2. more logical, more systematic and more evidence-based … and hence more readily justified
  3. more readily challenged, more easily delegated and more creative … and hence adopted more effectively.

We want to enable you to think about strategy in these ways so you can explain your strategy more easily, justify it more readily and have it adopted more effectively.