Based on our University Strategy 2020 research report, our guest post on the HEPI (Higher Education Policy Institute) blog concludes that there are three drivers poised to impact future university strategy development:

  1. Strategy and strategic thinking will become much more important in the sector. With a sector facing major disruption and uncertainty, from the recommendations of the Augar report to the vagaries of Brexit, careful analysis, clear decision-making and focused action will be key.
  2. The time has come for strategy to start to have bite. To drive significant and sustainable change in response to these future challenges, university strategies must start to rely on planning maturity and the internal professionalisation of strategy design, development and management.
  3. The time has come for strategy to start to have impact. With universities increasingly needing to make a robust case for public funding, university strategies will need to provide clarity about their purpose, where they will focus their efforts and the benefits this will bring to the country.

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