Strategy Sharpener

Launched May 2020

Times are tough!

  • Plans, priorities and budget forecasts have gone out the window
  • Everything is on hold, recruitment is frozen, budgets are slashed
  • The more senior the leader, the more time-poor they are
  • Meetings are hard, consensus is scarce…

You need:

  • Fast, effective, highly-prioritised, readily accountable decision-making
  • Resilient plans for the next planning cycle
  • Transparency and accountability for effective Governance.

Why this is vital:

  • Organisations that move earlier, faster, and more decisively end up 150 percentage points ahead of their peers  (McKinsey analysis of the 8 years after the 2008 financial crash)
  • Progressive strategic decisions that balance ‘cutting costs to survive today’ and ‘investing to grow tomorrow’ almost double the likelihood of becoming a post-recession high-performer  (37% vs 21% – Harvard Business Review analysis of 4,700 companies over three previous recessions)

Helping you get there:

Goal Atlas’s strategy sharpener service drives a lean, sprint-based planning process:

  1. Systematic, evidence-based synthesis of your current situation
  2. Rapid, intensive, solution-scoping
  3. Expert, independent validation of your decisions and plans.

Find out more about our services…

Strategy Upskilling

Get your teams up to speed on the practicalities of strategy success:

  • Online Fast-track (1-day interactive courses for small groups / teams)
  • Online Masterclass (Immersive courses over 6 weeks focusing on key strategic areas)
  • Bespoke training to meet the needs of your organisation

Strategy Mapping Software

Our unique web-based tool, developed in-house, is designed to make your strategy:

  • More systematic
  • More purposeful
  • Better aligned
  • Better delegated
  • More effectively measured
  • Ultimately more successful

Strategy Sprints

Expert, intensive, time-limited, hands-on support to help you with an aspect of your strategy:

  • Strategy production
  • Strategy alignment
  • Strategy measurement
  • Strategic agility
  • Strategy adoption
  • Turning strategy into action

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Thought Leadership

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New Book: Strategy Success

Goal Atlas is excited to announce that Mike Baxter’s new book, “Strategy Success: Practical Methods for the Systematic Management of Effective Strategies”, will be published in summer 2020.

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