If we are to anticipate how 2021 will be described, it will probably be the year of recovery from 2020 and the year of adapting to the new post-pandemic world. In my latest LinkedIn article I lay out the five priorities for strategy in such circumstances:

  1. Strategy Governance – since one of the main jobs of strategy governance is ensuring strategic risks are effectively anticipated and mitigated, a lot of those responsible are going to be asking themselves some deep and searching questions this year.
  2. Strategy Audit – an audit can reveal how fit-for-purpose your current strategy is and how mature your strategy management processes are.
  3. Strategy Production – if you decide your strategy does need revision, you want to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible by streamlining the strategy production process.
  4. Strategy Adoption – strategy adoption holds the promise of value for everyone across the organisation and requires strategic leadership that is willing to listen and learn as well as analyse and decide.
  5. Strategic Agility – if strategy is going to survive in a changing world it needs both agility and resilience. These aren’t merely processes; they need to be embedded into organisational culture.

The article describes these five priorities and offers related resources to help you navigate the strategy challenges of the year ahead.

Read the full article on Five Priorities for Strategy in 2021. These five areas are also covered in more detail in The Strategy Manual and our Strategy Master Workshops.

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