Getting the measurement of strategy right can make a huge difference to the power of your strategy. My latest LinkedIn article introduces three different types of KPI (strategy success indicators, aggregate performance indicators, litmus performance indicators) which can be used together to ladder up to strategic success. Using meaningful metrics, derived from sensitive and relevant targets, allows you to:

  1. Measure the impact of strategic success whilst also monitoring, adjusting and optimising the process that will lead you to that success;
  2. Focus everyone’s attention on what matters for strategic success;
  3. Turn strategy into a great story: “this is what we need to do and this is the difference it will make”.

All this leads to better understanding of strategy, more people pulling in the right strategic direction, and a greater sense of achievement when the strategy begins to make a difference.

Read the full article on ‘The measurement of strategy – giving strategy superpowers!‘, or see my previous LinkedIn articles on:

If you want to improve your strategy measurement, join me at 12.00 pm (GMT) on 28 January 2020 for a webinar (3 types of KPI that give your strategy superpowers) in which I will walk through the practicalities of embedding these powerful principles in your strategies.

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