My latest LinkedIn article describes five of the biggest and most critical risks your strategy can face:

  1. Your strategy isn’t measurable* – making its impact unknown and its progress invisible;
  2. Your strategy is mis-aligned – your front-line teams are pulling in multiple different directions;
  3. Your strategy over-reaches – it tries to be all things to all people and ends up lacking focus and specificity;
  4. Your strategy isn’t delegated – your middle managers aren’t engaged enough to drive through the necessary change;
  5. Your strategy is impotent – it doesn’t drive enough people to take enough action to make a difference.

Read the full article on ‘Five ways your strategy might fail …‘, or see my previous LinkedIn articles on:

*Our next (free) webinar at 12.00pm on 02 April 2020 focusses on making your strategy measurable. Entitled ‘Why strategies fail: Are you confusing targets with KPIs?’, we will explore a practical step-by-step process for devising, validating and governing strategic KPIs.

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