Our approach

Focusing on eight elements of good strategy design …

…our approach applies to any stage in the strategy lifecycle…

…and any strategy…

… giving you a systematic, evidence-based approach to strategy management based on professional best-practice and the latest strategy research

What we deliver

Full service strategy facilitation icon

Custom programmes of workshops, clinics, training, mentoring and facilitation

e.g. Strategy scoping workshop with senior leadership and board members

e.g. Strategy ‘key issues’ training: The Agile Strategy; Innovation Management etc.

e.g. KPI clinics with strategy implementation leaders and analytics specialists

… to develop your internal strategic capabilities

Goal mapping software icon

Access to our strategy mapping software, tools and resources

e.g. Use strategy mapping to develop strategy systematically, logically and in ways that can be validated

e.g. Use strategy mapping during implementation for delegation and target-setting

e.g. Use strategy mapping to ensure KPIs drill down and ladder up across the organisation

… enabling you to manage strategy systematically and transparently

Audits and research icon

Audits, research and other strategy support services, conducted on your behalf

e.g. Strategy benchmarking against sector peers or best-in-class performers

e.g. Customer-research exploring response-to-proposition

e.g. Strategy impact audit, usually mid- or end-of-strategy lifecycle

… providing independent support to your in-house strategy management

Recent testimonials


“We set Goal Atlas an ambitious target on a tight timescale and they managed to exceed that target by 30%. Their approach is remarkable for getting everyone pulling in the same direction.” 

Ali Parker, Head of Marketing, Swansea University

“The work with Goal Atlas immediately accelerated the deployment of our new corporate strategy and created transparency, clarity, and alignment across teams.”

John Pearce, Director, Digital and Publishing, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales