Strategy deployment

Overcome the difficulty in deploying strategy and gaining alignment, engagement, a sense of purpose and focus at a team level or company wide through partnering with Goal Atlas.

Over 100 pre-populated best practice goal maps, tailored to your organisation Рrapidly connect strategic vision to operational execution, ensuring alignment of objectives and key requirements (OKRs).

Extensive library of micro-learning resources, data and governance attached to goals, enabling on the spot ‘e-doing’ rather than e-learning.

Targets ladder up to drive performance change.  Staff understand the impact of their goals and how they connect to the most strategic levels of the organisation.

Comprehensive and customisable dashboards including quantitative and qualitative data and the ability to immediately drill down and identify any blockers or reasons for aspects of the business not performing.

Goal mapping is conducive to goal delegation

Goal visibility is conducive to culture change

Simple, and structured approach to getting started.