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Change-hacking: what we do and what we deliver


Audits and workshops to clarify destination


Capability audits, performance audits, stakeholder interviews

  • Challenge and validate assumptions
  • Reconcile and align your existing strategies
  • Audit and refine your objectives
  • Ensure your chosen strategic direction is the right direction
  • Make strategic goals purposeful by validating them prior to deployment

Goal mapping

Goal mapping to drive propulsion

  • Connect methods to purpose, metrics to success, and actions to people
  • Systematically navigate innovation opportunities, and then evaluate, prioritise and validate them
  • Make strategic goals achievable by connecting them to your business operations
  • Get clear, evidence-based justification of which innovations are most likely to reach your destination and why

Agile analytics

Agile analytics to inform intervention

  • Systematically identify and track key transformation indicators (KTIs)
  • Combine data with evidence-based hypotheses to provide continuously refined best estimate of the impact of interventions
  • Use evidence of progress of KTIs to drive decision making
  • Get next best actions prioritised for the prevailing circumstances at that moment

Optimisation apps

Optimisation apps to ensure calibration

Pre-configured and bespoke

  • Deploy at-a-glance tracking of individual metrics
  • Use community dashboards to share the progress of key individuals and teams
  • Readily share progress towards your destination
  • Get rapid test, learn, refine cycles powered by data to calibrate success