Products and services

We provide a full range of consultancy, tools and support services to help businesses implement transformational change across their organisation. These services enable goal mapping to become a driver of transformation, a tracking tool for transformation and a collaboration tool for cooperative transformation.

Software platform

The Goal Atlas software platform enables

– goals to be mapped from strategic to operational

– targets to ladder up to strategic success

– goal specific governance and learning resources to be available where they are needed

Audits and reviews

Robust benchmarks on current state, combined with insightful strategy gap analysis – that’s the foundation for building an effective business transformation program.

Goal Atlas has audit and benchmarking tools for digital maturity audits, capability reviews and skills assessments.

Strategy deployment

Crafting a great strategy is hard enough but knowing how to deploy it successfully across an organisation is often even harder.

Goal Atlas can help ensure strategic goals are broken down so teams and individuals have meaningful, attainable yet challenging sub goals.