Business struggles we solve

How well aligned are your operations and strategy?

Can you drill down from key strategic objectives to see which operational activities are crucial to strategic success?

Can you ladder up from new operational initiatives to see their strategic value?


Can you make sense of all the available data to make good decisions?


Can you align different teams to ensure they are pulling in the same direction?

Have you sufficient visibility of success drivers to know if your targets are slipping?

12 business struggles we solve

Balanced see-saw
  • Sales and marketing misalignment
  • Implementing strategy effectively
  • Managing risks well
  • Knowing how much to outsource
  • Making digital transformation effective
  • Ecommerce optimisation
  • Struggling to hit targets
  • Low employee engagement
  • Failing to prioritise well enough
  • Poor governance
  • Inadequate measurement and reporting
  • Effective customer journey mapping

In addition to the above struggles we have solutions to deal specifically with the following:

FS and pharma brands

Struggling to digitally transform in a tightly regulated environment?

Unsure which of the many different digital opportunities work best at replacing the traditional sales network as part of your digital transformation?

E.g. Needing the tools and techniques to prioritise and optimise testing programmes within regulatory constraints?


Is your core business increasingly being automated or insourced by your clients?

Is account management becoming ever more critical?  i.e. gaining sufficient insight into the challenges being faced by clients in order to offer relevant high value services to the right people at the right time.

Are you looking for new ways to deepen client engagement?

Wanting to standardise and optimise your client offering (tools, processes, frameworks, content), and build re-usable assets?

Training providers

Are you an external training provider or in house L&D training manager struggling to model the value of training and know how to effectively measure ROI of training programmes?

Wanting to embed learning more effectively across the organisation?

Wanting to make learning more performance driven and actionable?

Goal Atlas helps companies to hit targets, implement change and deliver efficiencies by aligning goals from strategy to operations across teams

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“On average, companies deliver only 64% of the financial performance their strategies promise” . HBR